saeid farahi

If you want to kick-start a typescript node application with support for:
- Eslint to apply best practices on code-style
- Prettier formatting
- NVM to fix node version to latest LTS version
- Live reload with nodemon

without having to set these things up one by one, you can use this npx starter to just get up and running:

# make sure have node version > 16.x: node --version
# cd into your repository root
npm init -y
npx @saeidjoker/ts-node-template@latest

After that, you can test your app with this command

npm run start:dev

This will print hi on the console. You can change the contents of src/index.ts and save the file and the app will cold-reload :-)

The repository of this npx starter is here: saeidjoker/ts-node-template: A simple ts-node template with prettier, nvmrc and eslint (